Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A short info on Ghost ball technique

The ghost ball technique, is an aiming technique when playing snooker or other pool games. You do this by first focusing your vision on your target ball, visualizing an imaginary ball touching the target ball in a location that will put your target ball in the pocket or any desired location in the table. You practice this technique by using an actual ball in the place of the ghost ball and once you're ready to make a shot, u remove the guide/ghost ball then proceed to the shot

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Snooker playing tips - The Grip

I posted this one on my old blog but since I deleted it already, I decided to post it here:

One mistake most snooker players do is holding the cue too tightly when making a shot. This often results to a 'snatch'. A player's grip should be loose and not tight(don't grab). And of course don't hold it too loosely so it won't fly off after the white ball has been struck.

Now how do we do the loose but not too loose grip? You should hold the cue firmly with your the first two fingers of your hand and lightly with the rest. It's all about the hand not affecting the swing of the shot you are doing.

If it's your first time doing this, you can just form a ring with your index finger and your thumb, try to get a feel of the cue doing the work for you. Then gradually add the other fingers.

Snooker playing tips - Getting Started

Before we go on with other snooker playing tips, I'd like to talk a little bit about the things that we should look upon when starting to play pool. so here they are:

1. Cue - It is essential to have a well-made cue. as you play overtime you'd be able to determine the type, design and length of cue that will suit your playing

2. Stance - a stable stance will ensure you that you make accurate shots.

3. Bridge - is simply the your hand acting as a bridge between the ball and the cue. Learning 1 or 2 bridging styles will help you start shooting accurately.

This may or may not be all the essentials but heck I think this can help